Our shoes; our souls

SHOES: What about shoes, you might ask. What a simplistic question I would say. Shoes are not just shoes. Shoes are the windows to our soles.

And to our souls: they reflect an awful lot about us: our attitudes, our thoughts and state of mind: Vanity, penury, melancholy, pride, industry, parsimony, over-indulgence, clumsiness. So don’t look down on those things. They certainly reveal a lot more about you than you ever thought.

Take my friend Joseph’s “stepper”. It is a stylish leather moccasin. It cost him an arm and a leg- 3 times his salary. But being the showy man he is, he purchased a pair. He borrowed. He defaulted. He hid from his debtors. Until he got the shoes.

I soled my way around the newsroom. It was a hot Friday afternoon. I sought to know what my colleagues felt about themselves. I did not sit them through dull interviews. I just took a good look at their shoes. And here:

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