The All-artists show at Afri art Gallery

AFRIART Gallery: The home of Uganda’s and probably some of Africa’s most interesting artworks. This Kamwokya based gallery is now host to an all artists exhibition. The exhibition that run throughout the month of December brings together some of Uganda’s most established visual artists, combined with the up and coming ones in a display of some of the best works that the gallery has shown this year.

Transform art

Following in the footsteps of the transform art exhibit, this show is a picturesque galore where themes cut across several aspects of life; from politics to nightlife to domestic issues to international affairs. It is a mishmash of the old and the new from Dr. George Kyeyune to Chris Ogon. In the end we have an insightful and colourful collection of some of the ideas and issues that affect our society; that depict our deepest concerns and characterize our way of life. It is a show where symbolism plays an important role in passing on a crucial message to the viewer and where as usual the artists let their imagination run wild. From Eria Nsubuga Sane’s collage to Xenson’s gigantic untitled series, here is a collection that will get you thinking and enjoying in equal measure

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