Donald Wasswa August: 2017 will be his year

Donald Wasswa August has been painting, carving and training other artistes for over a decade now. A lot of his work, especially from his Elephania series has been critically acclaimed- and received with much praise among Uganda’s art community. But who really is Wasswa Donald? I met Wasswa last year at

The Kenyan Heart of Ugandan art?

What is it with Kenya and Uganda’s art industries? Would it be preposterous to suggest that Kenya has had some sort of effect on Uganda’s visual arts industry? In subtle ways maybe. Some of the most celebrated Ugandan painters I have met spent their artistic “formative” years in Kenya and

The All-artists show at Afri art Gallery

AFRIART Gallery: The home of Uganda’s and probably some of Africa’s most interesting artworks. This Kamwokya based gallery is now host to an all artists exhibition. The exhibition that run throughout the month of December brings together some of Uganda’s most established visual artists, combined with the up and coming