The Second Coming

The Second ComingBy Stephen Ssenkaaba18 OCTOBER, 2016Fr. Scalabrini returned to a dry, increasingly unstable Uganda. But this did not deter his resolve to support the people of Northern Uganda- one sunflower seed at a time, writes Stephen SsenkaabaBishop Cyprian Kihangire worked tirelessly with the in-coming Obote Government to return Fr.

Remembering Fr. John Scalabrini

Remembering Fr. John ScalabriniStephen Senkaaba17 October, 2016After more than 50 years of dedicated service to Uganda, Fr. John Scalabrini, an Italian Catholic priest from the Comboni missionaries died early in October this year. I had a rare privilege of meeting and interviewing Fr. Scalabrini at length last year. He

Dr. Margaret Mungherera, Uganda’s bright star

She wears many hats: She is a psychiatrist, administrator, medical doctor, committed Christian and immediate past president of the World Medical Association. Whatever she does, Dr. Margaret Mungherera puts passion into all her work. This explains her great achievements. One area where Dr. Mungherera has served diligently is in championing the

Our shoes; our souls

SHOES: What about shoes, you might ask. What a simplistic question I would say. Shoes are not just shoes. Shoes are the windows to our soles. And to our souls: they reflect an awful lot about us: our attitudes, our thoughts and state of mind: Vanity, penury, melancholy, pride, industry, parsimony,

Jesus on the campaign trail

Imagine Jesus on the campaign trail The campaign tide is sweeping across our political spectrum and politicians at all levels are outdoing themselves and each other to win a slot in the hearts of the electorate. Promises for good things to come have started rolling off the tongues of those vying

Pope Francis memorable visit to Uganda

Pope Francis visit to Uganda was first announced and cancelled in 2014. We felt sad. Several months later, the news changed.It was June 2015 when the confirmation came. Pope Francis would visit Uganda from 27-79th November 2015. Excitement: Bliss: “The visit of Pope Francis to Uganda is