Celebrating Dr. Margaret Mungherera a medical icon in Uganda

Dr. Margaret Mungherera, one of the most eminent Ugandan doctors died a few weeks ago. She is one of the first people I ever interviewed in my journalism career. I was young, wet behind the ears, naïve, without even an ID to identify myself. And yet she did not judge

Kampala; How I miss the Seven Hills.

Kampala; How I miss the Seven Hills.Stephen SsenkaabaKampala. Oh Kampala! Sometimes I cry for this beloved city. Sometimes I smile. It used to be called the city of seven hills- apparently because it was established on seven hills. Lubaga, Kololo, Kibuli, Namirembe, Makerere, Nakasero and OldKampala. There too was a

Bodabodas; the roving tiger we love to hate

BODABODAS. Those little noisy, gassy rides of motorbikes that whisk us through quick errands. We hate them; their riders even more. We also love them, probably because we cannot do without them. This country is very slow; the taxis just get you nowhere, but the bodaboda does. In a minute

Jesus on the campaign trail

Imagine Jesus on the campaign trail The campaign tide is sweeping across our political spectrum and politicians at all levels are outdoing themselves and each other to win a slot in the hearts of the electorate. Promises for good things to come have started rolling off the tongues of those vying